Cars? Like!

“Young adults are not interested in cars, they only care for gadgets and online media” Is this true?

At least, this is what car manufacturers claim when it comes to selling cars for the younger generation. Or more precisely not being able to sell cars for them. They are wrong, however. Young adults expect to be reached via the media they use, and with the lingo they speak. That’s where LikeSocial comes into view: we know about cars, we speak young people’s language, and we understand how to use the media they respond to.

What do we offer?

We sell your cars to young people

We know about cars
We have decades-long expertise, we are passionate about cars, and we know the highs and lows of this industry.
We know about social media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, old and new media tools – not only do we use them, but measure their results, respond to issues and adapt to changes.
We know young adults
Not only are we conscious of what channels they use, but we know what motivates them. We provide values for them, and make them listen to us.

Create vendible cars, and forget about the rest!

- Lee Iacocca -


We offer all-round services of online marketing and social media communications. However, subtasks can also be carried out based on your needs. We provide knowledge and expertise, but above all: security.

We draw up marketing strategies, analyse the situation, and give you advice on how to move forward. Or, if you like, we help you move forward.


Blogs or Facebook, all ads need good wording. We’ll take care of that. You’ll get new ideas and a helping hand in choosing pictures. The resulting layout will be alive and breathing.

Customer service

Social media is quick to become a platform of customer service. We handle the influx of questions, forward them towards the client, and also reply to each and every request.


Whether it’s site management, campaign or professional group, we build it up, and also manage it continuously.


140 characters is enough for a powerful message – but pictures and videos say it even louder. Twitter provides a different quality, a different speed, but is nevertheless a useful media. And, we know its secrets.

Social media

This is more than just Facebook. This is more than services. Social media is a feeling, a mentality. A constantly changing service package in an ever-changing world. And we live inside of it, learn it and use it every single day.


Google’s search engine is the gate of the internet, whereas YouTube is the ultimate in internet entertainment. We put up ads, optimize, run campaigns, and even create videos if you need.


A good website is essential in reaching business goals. It should be easy-to-reach, easy-to-use and enjoyable for your target group. Your website might only need some cosmetic surgery, or we might re-create all of it. We go through it, we give tons of advice, and then we make it happen.


To this day, e-mail is a useful and necessary communication tool that cannot be bypassed. We help you build and segment a database, and send tailor-made newsletters to your audience which will provide true results.

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.

- Henry Ford -


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